Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WURD Radio - 900 AM

I'm currently listening to WURD Radio's Al(bert) Butler who is on Monday - Fridays 4-7pm. However I only get good reception on this AM station from one upstairs room in my house (that static interference starts to kick in at around 5:45pm) - so currently I am listening to it online.

WURD Radio's Website

So I'm listening to it online and it occurs to me that I could probably listen to it via my Windows Media player - but I'm still trying to figure out how to do that.

I didn't even know that this station existed until a few years ago! My station of choice was WHAT which is now no more! It really is a shame that I didn't know about this station before but at least I know about it now and I listen to it a lot.

Remember that WURD is a community talk station.


Anonymous said...

Al's show is terrible. All he does for the first hour is talk to Troy or brag about himself. He seems very narcissistic. I wish he would take more calls. I used to like to hear Carl, Jim, Donald, Rev. Joe, Jamilla,etc.
I find it hard to belive that managemnet has not told him about this. It seems that he is destinted for 'bigger things'. I am anxious for that to happen so he can move on (no pun) and hopefully Manwell will take over as a solo host in that slot!

Sister2brother said...

Actually you know I haven't listened to the show in a while - the reception I get is so poor for where I live but he still seems to be a very popular guy

Di said...

I listen to Bill A. and Al
B's show. I used to listen
to Fatimah Ali until I heard the news. In fact, I
during Bill's show on Tuesday the stationed went dead. It stayed that way for awhile, so I just listened to another stationed until I went out.
I live in East Mt.Airy & have problems with the station not coming in on the airwaves before 7a.m. and fading out completely at 6 p.m. Anyway, the WURD
family and Fatimah's family
has my condolence.

January 30, 2012

Sister2brother said...

The reception I get for the station is not good either. I live in the Northeast and my reception gets bad about 6pm.

Of course I have heard them online and they do get some calls from out of the area so I guess it would be better if I just listened to them online but I just can't do that all the time.